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I’m a journalist, photographer, editor, designer — I wear every hat in the news business in my current role as editor of Dartmouth Week newspaper.

Working for a hyperlocal, community-based news source, I make it my mission to keep on top of things the residents of Dartmouth need to know, want to know, or don’t yet know they need to know, and make sure it’s online when they visit Dartmouth Week’s website.

In the past two years, I’ve broken major developments in a 30-year cold case which gained international coverage, met no shortage of fascinating people, chronicled everyone from star high school athletes to 100-year-old World War II veterans, all the while managing a two-person office and designing and laying out newspapers. It’s crazy work but it’s so rewarding!

I graduated from UMass Dartmouth with an English degree in 2015 — nowhere near where I thought I’d be when I began my freshman year as a computer science major after spending my childhood coding and tinkering with electronics. I credit my high school English teacher for turning me on to my love of writing. Thanks Mrs. Ferreira!

No matter where the future takes me, I know it will involve coffee, a laptop, and a word processor.

Click the links above to see some of my news articles, photographs, and newspaper layouts. And feel free to get in touch with me if you need a talented writer!