Writing Portfolio

In my role as a community journalist, I write about everything and anything that happens in the town I cover. Here is a sampling of what a typical week of reporting looks like.

Feature Articles

These articles tell the stories of people in the community I cover. From obscure and quirky hobbies to fascinating careers, everyone has a story to tell. 

Crime: The Donald Webb Saga

Over the course of three months, I covered an unsolved cold case long forgotten by the FBI and Dartmouth residents, but not the family of a Saxonburg, Penn. police chief gunned down by a New Bedford-area mobster. My writing coverage spans from renewed interest in the hunt for murder suspect Donald Eugene Webb to his wife’s account of his years on the lam following the recovery of his body from her backyard.


In what has become my favorite “beat,” I cover everything students, parents, and the community needs to know about the schools and colleges in Dartmouth, from educational policy and politics to classroom activities and school events.


From the latest Town Meeting deliberations to affordable housing projects, I attend municipal meetings and break down the complex technical jargon public officials love to use into easy-to-understand and relatable material for residents and voters to follow.


The South Coast is filled with businesses ranging from one of the United States’ largest linguica factories to dozens of farms and one-man service operations. My business articles focus on the stories of owners and employees, and the culture and history behind the town’s long-standing institutions.


I strive to tell the stories of the athletes in my sports coverage: their personal triumphs, struggles, and passions. Leagues and teams range from high school sports teams to UMass Dartmouth’s NCAA teams.